Why using your own website to sell books is the best option you have?

Online selling has reached record high levels and selling eBooks online business is not an exception. It’s worth mentioning that book sellers have more than one option to sell their books online today. For many of them, listing their books on 3rd party websites and online marketplaces like Barnes and Noble, eBay or Amazon, seem to be the most convenient solution. There is no doubt that a move like this useful, but in the last few years, there are many authors and re-sellers that have witnessed the advantages of selling books through their own websites. Shopify is another great example of a platform where you can sell ebooks online.

1. Increased profit per book sale

This is the first and most obvious advantage. In case you are selling books with the help of a 3rd party website, you should expect to give them a certain percentage of each sale. For instance, the majority of book authors on Amazon have a 70% royalty solution plan. To put it in simple words, if you are selling an eBook via Amazon, you will get 70% of the total amount paid for the eBook. The situation is even worse when it comes to hard copy books. Obviously, these marketplaces are already developed well and they have many users, but if you are selling your books on your own website, there is no fee involved.



2. Price flexibility

The opportunity to change the price of your product at any time is another advantage of selling your books in your own online store (website). We have already mentioned Amazon, but we didn’t mention that they have special plans for books sold at a specific price. For example, in case your eBook costs more than 10 dollars, you will get just 35%. In case you are selling books on your website, you choose the price you want. In addition, you can always offer discounts, special deals like book bundles and more. Up-selling is one of the best things about doing business online.


3. Loss of royalty

Now here’s another great reason why you should start a website to sell books. If you are selling your books in this way, you can fight the issues of getting zero royalties from the distribution or sale of the books. This is what book piracy is all about. There are many situations when people who are selling the book are not actually real booksellers, but scammers who use viruses and malware in the eBook. They sell these books at a tempting price or give them away.

If you notice your book on a platform like this, you should contact them immediately and explain the legal consequences. When you are selling books through 3rd party websites, you can expect accusations and problems like this. Obviously, you won't have to witness anything like this when you are selling books through your website.

In order to sell eBooks online, you will need to buy a domain name and choose a solid hosting plan. You will also need to choose a content management system and an adequate theme. No matter what you do, you will always have to put your potential clients’ needs and requirements in the first place.

Truth be told, starting and running a website that will serve as an online book store is not a simple task. There are situations when you will probably need help if you are new to this. On top of that, you should also think about making investments in marketing and promotion. The Internet provides a myriad of opportunities. That’s why using your own website to sell eBooks is the best option you have.


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