How to make money reading and selling books

If you are a lover of books, please don’t stop reading because you can also make money from reading books not just selling books alone.

Lots of online business and bookstores will pay you for your old novels, textbooks, books-on-CD, and so on. Other businesses would pay you money to read their books and write reviews for the books.

So let’s get started.

How to make money reading books

You might not have any books to sell, don’t get worried yet, you can still make money reading books and writing reviews. And you will be paid. Here are some websites that offer money for reading their books and writing reviews.

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  1. Although the site is not currently accepting any new book reviewer when you are accepted. AnySubjectBooks assigns books to you, and they would pay you when they submit your review to the book author.
  2. Kirkus offers book reviewers hardcover books and e-books written by mostly new authors. When you get chosen to write book reviews, it must be submitted within two weeks. However, the reviews are always short and concise. When you write the reviews, you get paid. The payment, however, varies by member seniority.
  3. org. This site offers payment to people who want to read and write reviews on new books. The payment for the review writing ranges from $5-$60 per every book review. However, senior members make more money for their work. What’s more? asks that you submit a minimum of 400 words for the review.

Now that you have seen how to make money reading books, let’s go to how you can make money selling books.

How to make money selling books

You might not be a reader, but you are a writer, and you write awesome books. This is also a big way to make money. You can either sell your books through your website or online book marketplaces. Here are some online book marketplaces you should know:

  1. You can sell your books through Amazon. It is preferable to sell textbooks to Amazon, but if you have other recent books, you can also sell it too. Amazon pays sellers in Amazon gift cards, but don’t fret! These gift cards can be traded for money.
  2. Half Price Books. The main reason I like this store is that they accept new and used books and they pay sellers immediately. This site is perfect especially for sellers who need urgent money.